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About Us

We are a Centre that offers principally emotional support for patients and their carers. We distract patients from the daily anxiety of their illness by engaging them in exciting activities, trips, parties, delivering complementary therapies, beauty treatments, podiatry, and counselling to name but a few.. We set them challenges that take them out of their stressful situation and hopefully, by this distraction, ease their pain and fear.
The charity was started by a young man called Adam Evans-Thomas on being diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia 25 years ago. He started his fundraising for the NHS by recruiting blood and bone marrow donors for the Welsh Blood Service in Llantrisant. The Heath Hospital, in Cardiff has a high dependency room donated by Adam's Bucketful of Hope Appeal.
Just before he died at the age of 35, he wanted to "give back" to the wonderful Withybush hospital and staff who looked after him for the 10 short years of his illness by fundraising for a new Cancer Care Day Unit. This Unit, called the Pembrokeshire Haematology and Oncology Day Unit was completed in December 2017 and so Adam's Legacy was fulfilled.
However, his family and friends have continued to fundraise in his name; The Cancer Support Venue was opened in 2009 offering all the services and distractions mentioned above. The patients attending this unit over the last 10 years have repeatedly remarked that they do not wish to be referred to as victims, patients or survivors etc.. and because they donned their t-shirts to fight for their local hospital Unit in these dire times and won!! – the term Buckateers was coined as they saw themselves as Buccaneers! – fighting in the war against Cancer!
Our Venue is a wonderful, homely, Community Centre where our Buckateers can arm themselves with the ammunition and weapons they need to fight Cancer ................ comradeship, warmth, laughter, support, tea, cakes, gossip, care and love!

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